Peddle, Paddle or Hike!

Whether you are new to a sport or new to the area... I can help you get the most from your journey into the wilds of Maine. Let me know what you imagine your ideal Maine adventure looks like ... and I will plan out a day or several days to make your vision a reality. All trips are carefully adapted to you or your group's skill and comfort level. You can choose to be challenged or pampered. This is YOUR Maine adventure. Canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking or camping... If you want to try something and dont have the gear, rentals are available. Call or email and let's get started!


Fly Fishing

What is fly fishing? It's poetry, it's art, it's science, it's ballet... It's patience and adventure, It's anticipation, relaxation and acheivement... it's skill and sometimes dumb luck. But whatever fly fishing means to you, there is one undeniable truth... You never stop learning.
Ive been guiding beginners and seasoned fly fishing veterans for years. I can take you into remote ponds or help you understand fish behavior in rivers and streams. Fly selection or nymphing techniques. Help improve your cast or investigate the current hatch.
And for you beginners, I can teach you the basics of casting and have you on the water in a matter of a couple hours.


Why Hire a Guide?

Two words... "experience" and "perspective". Experience may seem obvious... Ive been doing this for over I've been doing this for 12 years and have learned many a trick, tip from legendary guides, sportsmen who trudged this area long before me.
Experience is relativily easy to share... Perspective is a little trickier. In the hugeness of nature it's easy to get lost in our goal of catching that record fish, or summitting that mountain. A good guide can slow things down, teach you that every part of that day's experience is special. There is something to learn around every corner of our journey. This is done while protecting and promoting nature and safety for all


Female Casters

Woman are the fastest growing segment of new fly casters... Sometimes joining their partners, some striking out on their own... They are quickly discovering the art, science, skill and patience of the sport... and the tranquility, sounds and wonder of the water and wilderness surrounding them. If you are a woman, thinking of trying this sport, my introductory class can give you the tools and knowledge you need to get started.



Every time I enter the wilderness or wade into a river or slide my boat into a lake or pond, I remind myself that I am entering their world... I will treat it and it's inhabitants with respect. All of this was here long before any of us and with proper conservation and management it will be here for the enjoyment of generations to come.