Where do you find a moose?

Moose are active all day but are most active in the early morning and early evening hours. They are often found near water and are excellent swimmers! Water provides them food and protection from preditors and keeps them cool in the summer months. I have studied the behavior and habits of moose in the area and know of many of their favorite hangouts!


Safety first

Seeing moose in the wild is something that never gets old... These are some of North America's largest animals... Bull Moose can weigh as much as a car, stand 7 feet high with antlers over 6 feet across. Top speeds on land of 35 MPH, much faster than humans can run. They have a peaceful and shy demeanor, but they are wild animals. Our goal is to observe them without disturbing them or causing them undo stress.


Join Us!

New this year is our 9 passenger van, set up specifically for wildlife viewing. We will be using this for our MooseLookin' tours as well as our group tours and private excursions. Ride in comfort while exploring the seldom traveled backroads of Maine. I'll call your attention to plants, birds, animals and history along our journey. Each trip is different... because nature and the seasons are different.

MooseLookin' Tours - Dates and Rates

My Mooselookin Tours will be on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, early evenings... times to be posted on Rangeley’s Chamber site. (click here) Trip will be 3-3 ½ hrs. including travel. Reservations required. The van makes stops at Rangeley and Oquossoc at predetermined locations. I can also guide specialized moose lookin' tours for hiking or paddling. Call for details.

Rates are $40.00 per person or $75.00 per couple.

A minimum of 6 clients to run these events. For the latest information and rates please visit our faceBook page.