I'm Gary Langille

A life-long explorer, adventurer, admirer and protector of the natural wonders around us and their inhabitants. I have been a registered Maine guide for over 12 years and I am licenced in recreation, fishing, hunting and captain of vessels.
I safely guide and educate people of all skill levels so they feel prepared and informed. Guided trips include hikes into glorious waterfalls, excursions deep into the wilderness to remote ponds for native brook trout or a Moose Lookin' tour for a chance to spot one of these magnificent creatures! I can also custom design a trip around your party size, level of experience and interests... whether you are looking to flyfish for trout or salmon or canoe/kayak one of our lakes or ponds, maybe hike part of the Appalachian Trail.
This is your Maine experience and I will make every effort to ensure it is an experience you'll never forget.


Moose Lookin' Tours

NEW this year! Let's go looking for moose! We just purchased a 9 passenger van to take folks out to some of my favorite moose obsevation areas. While I cant guarantee you'll see a moose, My experience as a guide and my pre-trip scouting make the chances of seeing and photographing these gentle giants quite likely! We may also come across other local inhabitants like deer, fox, rabbits, bobcats, and porcupines... keep your eyes open!
Tours leave from Rangeley and Oquossoc and generally begin in the early evening. Click here for more information.

The Rangeley Lakes Area

Sportsmen and nature lovers have been coming to this area for over 200 years and its easy to see why. Seemingly endless lakes, ponds, rivers and streams... Rugged mountains with rewarding vistas for those willing to hike to their summits. A sportsman's paradise offering excellent fishing and hunting. Waterfalls, wild flowers, birdwatching! You can experience these treasure with a scenic drive of a few hours or less... but that wasnt always the case.

In the old days, one would have first to have the money to board a steamer out of one of the bigger port cities, New York, Boston and end up in Portland Harbor, then either board a train, or wagon for the long trip up into the mountains. If you were lucky enough to grab a train it would get you as far as Phillips/Sandy River by way of Andover, where then you either walked the last 25 miles or hired a wagon and a day long trip bouncing over the rough roads cut into the wilds.

Later, due to the numbers of people wanting to come up here, they extended the Narrow Gauge Railway into downtown Rangeley. You should definetely visit one of the fine museums we have learn about some of the hardships of getting here just to fish for the famous large native brook trout and the pristine scenery and fresh air.